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Reform PDC is a comprehensive document capture and output solution that accepts print stream data from any operating system or application, formats the information and can provide automated distribution to printers, fax, email and archive systems without manual intervention



  • In addition to the core capabilities of Reform PDC, an extensive selection of plug-in options allow for modular configurations that can improve workflows and reduce costs in a wide range of environments
  • Optional capabilities include document scanning and routing, automation of document approval processes and integration of signed documents and digital images


  • Output of professional looking forms using variable data from host systems
  • Capture and distribution of print streams and scanned paper documents
  • Manage signature processes
  • Automate document approval chains


  • Automated form creation process saves time and reduces costs
  • Cost savings on host printing supplies and equipment
  • Speed exchange of information by selecting distribution of documents when printing
  • Ability to track paper-work that has been written on or signed
  • Speed up and reduce errors in document approval processes


  • WYSIWYG form designer lets you enhance and customize the appearance of forms
  • Users printing from desktop applications can use the Reform PDC print driver to simultaneously direct output to printers, fax, email and archive systems in one step
  • Print to any printer or MFP with all the desired finishing options (bin/tray selections, collating, stapling, duplexing, etc.)
  • Scan documents at the MFP and route PDF files to multiple destinations
  • Documents are automatically faxed, emailed or indexed for archiving using information in the print stream or that was entered using the MFP interface or print driver screen
  • Pages requiring signature can be tagged with a trackable barcode for association with other documents and proper routing
  • Establish an automated approval chain for workflows requiring multiple people to approve documents


  • Reform PDC is a modular solution providing forms creation and print output from host systems and other applications as its foundation
  • The key optional components of Reform PDC include: MOST (MFP scanning), Tag Doc (trackable barcode tagging), DAC (document approval process management), Snap Doc (digital camera workflow integration) and plug-ins for email, fax and archive systems
  • Appearance of the scanning interface on the MFP and presented options can be customized to the needs of an organization's workflow
  • MFP login verification and 512 bit encryption for high security
  • Easy installation to multiple MFPs with mass-deployment tool
  • MFP status and activity logs (documents tracked as they are scanned to ensure delivery)
  • Administration capabilities to control and regulate document approval chains


  • DocumentMall (Reform PDC distributes documents to this online document archive)
  • Geo-imaging digital camera solution (Reform PDC's SnapDoc option)

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