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GlobalScan 3 (LANIER)

The NEW GlobalScan 3.0 works with your networked MFPs to enable document scanning and rapid distribution of digital information across the enterprise. GlobalScan 3.0 offers scanned image preview at the MFP. Documents can be scanned as image files with advanced compression or to editable file formats using GlobalScan's industry-leading OCR capability - now included standard in GlobalScan 3.0.


·  GlobalScan delivers secure network scanning and routing using networked Multifunctional Products (MFPs). See Workflow Diagram
·  Users can scan-to-email addresses or distribution lists, scan-to-network folders or scan paper documents into business software applications including Enterprise Content Management systems
·  NEW Version 3.0 sets the standard for scalability, flexibility, compatibility and ease of use. See highlights of what's NEW in GlobalScan 3.0
·  Reduce or eliminate overnight delivery, faxing, storage and document handling costs
·  Meet security policies and adopt corporate and government regulations
·  Increase the Return on Investment (ROI) from networked MFPs.
·  Conversion of paper documents into digital files saves personnel labor time, saves physical storage space and improves the flow of information
·  Routing scanned documents as digital files reduces and/or eliminates the cost of courier services and speeds delivery to just minutes
·  Routing scanned documents as digital files reduces and/or eliminates the cost of courier services and speeds delivery to just minutes
·  Improved Control Panel with easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface), see Screen Shots
·  One Touch" scanning feature allows administrator to create preset scanning projects that automatically route to any email address, list or to any folder by pressing one button
·  Users can access the company email address book, enter email addresses and email body text or access their own email from the MFP Operation Panel
·  Thumbnail image preview on the MFP Operation Panel
·  Image previews allow users to zoom in/out and pan as well as view all pages scanned, cancel, restart, and delete pages
·  Variety of file formats including: Single Page TIFF, Multipage TIFF, JPG, PDF Image, searchable but not editable PDF documents and password enabled PDF documents
·  High compression formats supported; JBIG2 PDFs (up to 100 times smaller files), JPEG 2000 (up to 100 times smaller color files in JPG format)
·  Included OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature creates editable file formats including: PDF Text, PDF Image Plus Text, XLS (Microsoft® Excel), RTF (Microsoft® Word), RTF (Word Perfect)
·  Up to 250 MFPs connected through one GlobalScan server
·  Live LDAP feature reflects changes made to your E-mail server instantly at the MFP (secure LDAPS also supported)
·  Network Log-in Authentication
·  Provides for single sign-on with 3rd party applications
·  Support for Kerberos
·  128 bit encrypted transmission of scanned documents using HTTPS
·  Easily manage GlobalScan MFPs including remote configuration and firmware upgrades
·  Failover support (two GlobalScan servers with duplicate configurations) for enhanced reliability
·  Built on .NET Platform
·  · Open architecture SDK available to developers to create interoperability with other applications and extend GlobalScan's functionality
·  Backward compatibility with GlobalScan 2.0 MFPs
·  Print and Copy Control (GlobalScan 3.0 supports single sign-on with Print and Copy Control for Equitrac Office and Express)

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