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HP Scanjet 8300 Professional Image Scanner (hp Office Products)


Scan documents, photos, film and other materials with a versatile scanner. Perform common tasks—scan, create PDFs and even make copies by sending a scan to the default printer—with one-touch buttons. Adjust resolution to fit scanning needs.


Professional image quality for every scanning need

• Adjust resolution to fit any job. Scan up to 4800 x 4800 dpi for professional-quality images.
• Edit and restore images—and ensure color accuracy—with included Adobe Photoshop Elements software.
• Optimize operation with triple-sensor technology to increase image quality and document clarity.

Productivity and performance

• Get copies using a one-touch button that sends a scan directly to your default printer.
• Perform common tasks—even create PDFs and other popular file formats—with one-touch buttons.
• Manage documents efficiently—easily organize digital files with an included software package.
• Get instant scanner startup, and preview scans within four seconds, with patented HP technology.

Versatile photo and document scanning

• Scan up to 8 slides, 18 negatives or medium- and large-format film, using integrated adapter.
• A legal-size, landscape-oriented scanning bed accommodates a variety of paper sizes.
• Fit books, 3-D objects and other large, bulky items under the adjustable lid.
• Expand capabilities—an optional automatic document feeder scans up to 25 pages per minute.[1]

Product Details

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