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HP Designjet 120nr Printer Series (hp Office Products)

Graphic designers will find the HP Designjet 120 Series Printer flexible enough to accommodate their creative side, fast enough to keep up with demanding production schedules, and affordable enough to fit a creative professional's budget. Whether designs call for postcard-size images, full color pages, or banner-style communication, this printer delivers professional quality images.


colors that convince 

  • Vividly convey your concepts -- produce professional quality color images with HP color layering technology and 6-color CMYKcm writing system that provides a wide color gamut and smooth tonal transitions
  • High quality printed images for marketing and creative communications -- 4 picoliter ink drop size and 2400-dpi resolution combine for true photo quality images with fine details and sharp text
  • See consistent color from print to print and from printer to printer -- automatic closed loop color calibration provides maximum color consistency

postcards to posters  

  • Eliminate the need to cut-and-paste or outsource -- in addition to a 100-sheet tray for documents up to 13 by 19 inches, extra-wide front and rear paths allow you to print oversize output up to 24 inches wide; the automatic roll feed (optional on the 120) supports printing up to 24 inches by 50 feet long and allow you to switch between loaded media options without user intervention
  • Use the media type that best conveys your concepts -- print on thick or rugged media up to 80 lbs; choose from a variety of media finishes including coated paper, photo paper, and heavyweight coated stock 

more time to design

  • Fast, high quality printing -- print 2 by 3 feet Normal mode images in under six minutes, tabloid proofs at four minutes per page in Best mode or 8.5 in. letter-size pages in one minute using Fast mode
  • Works in multiple platforms -- easy setup, connections, and operation in both Macintosh and Windows environments
  • Full workflow support -- optimized drivers support RGB color matching for both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows applications - optional Adobe PostScript 3 software RIP for CYMK color matching and robust color management
  • No couriers, no waiting -- in house printing for large-size output eliminates delays and shortens project timelines
  • Spend more time printing, less time maintaining -- replace supplies less frequently using HP high-capacity dye ink cartridges, an integral part of the printer's color delivery system 

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