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Print & Copy Vending (LANIER)

Product Overview

The Print & Copy Vending solution facilitates fee-based use of both the print and copy functions of shared Multifunctional products (MFPs). Print & Copy Vending installs on the MFP output device and requires no special print management hardware or software. This solution offers a simple, cost-effective way to add charging for print and copy output in different environments, such as schools, hotels and business centers.

  • Enables secure management and charging for print output as well as copy output
  • Requires no print release station hardware or print server software
  • Integrates with virtually any campus card or stored value (debit) accounting system or coin box
  • Colleges and Universities seeking a reimbursement method for print and/or copy output from shared devices
  • Business Centers, Libraries, Real-Estate offices and other shared-use environments looking to offer fee-based print and copy services
  • Recover costs for document printing, reduce waste and printer misuse
  • Embedded solution (installs on the output device) has low price of deployment vs. dedicated print management hardware and software
  • Easy printing process for users - solution makes use of touch-screen interface on Multifunctional Products
  • Password protection ensures privacy and security of print jobs in shared open environments
  • Eliminates redundant accounting processes through back-end integration
  • Print job is initiated using the provided Print & Copy Vending print driver
  • Users enter a user ID and a 4-8 digit password, and the print job is sent to the output device
  • At the device, the user selects their print job from a list and authenticates using their password
  • User is prompted to make payment via an online or stored value card-swipe (or coin box depending on configuration)
  • Print job is released for output and funds are deducted from online or offline account
  • Requires no 3rd-party software or dedicated print servers
  • The Print & Copy Vending solution consists of a special print driver and firmware (installed on the MFP output device)
  • Integrates with online card systems, stored value readers or coin boxes
  • Works with virtually any card accounting system that supports a standard copy controller for payment (some examples include: Blackboard, Diebold, CBord, Debitec)
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