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PCS Director (LANIER)

Product Overview

PCS Director software allows you to monitor all printing and copying activity, handle charge-backs, control who is printing, how much is being printed, and identify the cost of printing across the entire organization. This comprehensive print management solution allows you to understand and manage printing costs to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

  • ANALYSIS MODULE - Provides reports on printer inventory, device volumes, budgets, cost baselines and printing workflow issues on the network
  • RULES MODULE - Rules-based printing handles re-direction of print jobs to the most efficient devices and controls printer usage and feature availability
  • RECOVERY MODULE - Associates the costs of printing back to users and clients for billing purposes
  • EMBEDDED PCS DIRECTOR - tracks walk-up activity on Savin MFPs integrating all prints, copies, scans, and faxes in one single usage report
  • Can be deployed in companies of any size looking to understand, control and save on user printing and copying costs
  • Facilitates charge-backs for copying and printing within an organization
  • Optimize existing and future printing equipment investments
  • Optional card reader authentication provides device security and with most HID, Casi-Rusco, NexWatch ID cards
  • Identifies bottlenecks and inefficiencies on the network by providing a "snap-shot" of all printing devices, their volumes, and use costs
  • Notifies users (via custom pop-up messages) of print job costs and recommended printing devices and settings to reduce expense
  • Automates the process of allocating costs back to clients for printing and copying
  • Integrates with most corporate proximity card standards for security authentication, trouble free implementation for IT, and simple ease of use for users
  • Tracks all printing (silently in the background) including local, networked and direct to IP print jobs
  • Manage and set budgetary account limits for copying and printing by user
  • Easily establish printing rules such as page limits by device, color usage, duplex, restrict access to certain settings, and more
  • Setup customizable pop-up messages for users to support printing rules
  • More than 35 built-in graphical reports showing breakdown by user, date/time, printer, cost, etc.
  • Reports can be exported to PDF, XLS, XML, and CSV
  • Embedded PCS Director can allocate copy costs back to users, departments, budgets, and clients on most Lanier MFP devices
  • Installs on a networked computer and can then be pushed out to any number of PC or Macintosh computers on the network
  • Network authentication integration - supporting Windows, Active Directory, and Novell Directory Services
  • Runs in the background on client systems and is nearly transparent for employees
  • PCS Director integrates with accounting systems
  • Embedded PCS Director installs remotely on select Java enabled Lanier MFPs
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