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DigiDocFlow® (LANIER)

DigiDocFlow brings the power of scanning simplicity to everyone. DigiDocFlow offers you the possibility to create a digital archive by scanning directly from your multifunctional product. In three simple steps, your document is scanned and intelligently stored within your network as a text searchable PDF, TIFF, JPG, Word or Excel file.



  • User friendly capture and distribution solution with intuitive interface
  • Customizable, pre-defined workflows offer intelligent naming and filing of scanned documents
  • Delivers your scanned documents in the desired output format (PDF, Word, JPG and Excel files)
  • Ideal for small and medium size business


  • Enhanced scanning features from the multifunctional product (MFP)
  • Streamlines communications between departments and organizations
  • OCR documents to create fully text searchable PDFs
  • Leverages the MFP as an on ramp to Document Management Systems


  • Reduces errors by simplifying many of the manual scan actions that make digital archiving difficult and time consuming for the user
  • Integrate paper documents into electronic workflows and automate complex document processes
  • Advanced features such as Bates Stamping, barcoding, removal of blank pages, despeckle, deskew and auto rotation of documents support industry-specific business needs
  • Create text searchable documents for fast retrieval
  • Pre-defined workflows minimizes need for end user training
  • Add unique metadata to every scanned document from the MFP panel


  • Scan to multiple destinations from a single scan
  • Delivers scanned documents in desired format (PDF, PDF/A, searchable PDF, TIFF, JPEG, Word and Excel)
  • Optional modules available to integrate with Document Management Systems (Oracle, Hummingbird, LiveLink, ProLaw)
  • Bates Stamping functionality supports legal environments
  • Ability to export XML/CSV files for uploading scanned images to Document Management Systems
  • Bi-directional communication to Windows File Folder Structures and Microsoft SharePoint allow for real time browsing to the network for document storage


  • 100% middleware, no dedicated server required
  • Easy to install and maintain, reduces burden on IT
  • 40 or 128 bit encrypted transmission of scanned documents
  • Active Directory Synchronization adds security and personalized templates through user authentication
  • LDAP lookup module for retrieving user, computer or group information that can be used as metadata
  • DNS device naming allows communication with devices via IP or DNS name

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