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DocuLex Archive Studio (LANIER)

Archive Studio offers a full range of scalable products, servicing everything from basic content management needs to enterprise-wide document management, workflow, collaboration, email compliance and records retention.



  • Archive Studio enables knowledge workers across any business to quickly bring diverse content types together in a secure, indexed, searchable and highly scalable electronic repository
  • The content can be centrally managed for better control, collaboration and business productivity
  • Archive Studio is easily customizable and fully compatible with Active Directory, plus the developer API provides full integration capabilities with other lines of business applications
  • Using Archive Studio, organizations can tightly control all valuable information assets by directing the flow of documents from capture and indexing to access and collaboration to policy-based destruction


  • Manage all business content with one 100% browser based application
  • Anytime, anywhere document access
  • Fulfill compliance, retention and security requirements


  • Decisions are made sooner when document information is readily available
  • Improved employee productivity, reduced email, and file sharing accountability are all achieved with SharePortal™, Archive Studio's secure web-access collaboration solution
  • Increased corporate accountability and regulatory compliance with secure policy-based access to documents and email
  • Email regulations and reduced litigation discovery cost are managed by archiving all incoming and outgoing messages and attachments
  • Increased file storage and minimized legal exposure with automated policy-based records management
  • Minimized IT expenses with a browser based, single server installed, content management solution
  • Automated workflow identifies work process bottlenecks and regulates expectations
  • Electronic content management is affordable and easily justified when knowledgeable staff find the information desired, when and where it is needed


  • Scanned document, archived email and all other electronic content is accessible from WebSearch using a standard browser and network or internet connection
  • Content is discovered using a custom search form or an explorer folder and sub-folder style file room
  • All text contained in any document, email and attachment may be searched and retrieved in seconds, with the content results highlighted
  • Documents may be shared with common interest groups or outside parties in custom designed working folders
  • Paper documents are scanned with MFP or other type of input devices
  • MS-Office documents and email are captured with Office plug-ins, miscellaneous electronic files are captured with the Explorer "Send-To" plug-in
  • Knowledge workers are automatically notified of new documents arriving in their workflow process
  • Documents are automatically classified and monitored for records retention and legal holds
  • Activity logs are maintained of user access to files and any action requested


  • The MFP interface is fully customizable, plus 3rd party touch panel interfaces are compatible with Archive Studio
  • Archive Studio may be installed and setup completely on-line without concern of travel expenses or customer onsite inconvenience
  • Because Archive Studio's WebSearch Content Management Software is 100% browser based, IT support is minimal with only one server installation to maintain and backup
  • MS-Exchange email archive function does not require desktop installations, but one installation on the exchange server
  • Archive Studio product support and updates are provided to the customer by DocuLex

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