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DocuClass (LANIER)

DocuClass is a modular, complete, and scalable ECM solution that allows organizations to streamline their internal operations by significantly improving the way they manage their business information within a business process.


  • Import and Capture - Advanced scanning, classification and indexing, including barcode, OCR and image enhancement, directly from your multifunction product
  • Access and Distribution - Access, edit, annotate, email, update and share documents with colleagues and business partners, as well as create CD/DVD media libraries
  • Process Automation - Provides highly-automated document workflows, COLD/ERM, electronic forms, and advanced Fax management
  • API - Complete access and control of managed documents to/from your Line of Business applications
  • System & Security - Defines document structure, hierarchy, indexing information, and user and security access policies
  • Web Component - Provides access to DocuClass via a platform-independent web interface


  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable: Automate and improve invoice and order processing
  • Human Resources: Streamline application process and employee records
  • Educational Institutions: Administration of documents in all offices such as admissions, registrar, HR, financial aid, etc.
  • Healthcare: Meet compliance regulations, Streamline medical records


  • Process improvement and automation (streamline critical processes)
  • Find documents and information faster
  • Reduce operational costs and increase productivity by using resources more efficiently
  • Document integrity through multi-tiered security and versioning
  • Organize and manage documents of all types throughout the entire document life cycle


  • Scan, classify, and index any document directly from the Control Panel of the MFP (with the DocuClass MFP Link component)
  • Submit electronic forms and trigger workflows automatically
  • Save documents easily from any application or WEB interface by "printing" the documents directly into DocuClass (documents will be saved in DocuClass as TIFF or PDF documents)
  • Drag and drop option, enables users to select one or several files from a local or network location and drag and drop them directly into DocuClass
  • Using the Dynamic Clipboard - Allows the user to assemble dynamically new documents out of certain pages or parts from one or more existing documents
  • Approve, deny or route documents electronically
  • Open MS documents within DocuClass, make changes, keep track of those changes and save them as revisions or new documents
  • Work with PDF and TIFF documents directly in DocuClass without the need for any external viewer or editor. All "editing", "annotations", and "mark-up" commands applied to a document are security controlled by DocuClass directly
  • Use the comprehensive "Audit Trail" capabilities to monitor all or selected system and user activities, generate reports and view statistical information


  • Fully integrated with Active Directory
  • Ability to manage central or decentralized repositories according to security requirements
  • Remote Scanning: Ability to manage remote scanning users, control and schedule the transfer of images to the central system (according to available bandwidth, file sizes, document importance, etc)
  • Point and click system security and configuration
  • Point and click workflow configuration
  • Ability to monitor multiple scanning folders from multiple MFPs

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