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Document Workflow Analysis (DOCutivity)
Are office efficiency and effective document management important to your organization?

For most businesses today, documents and related expenses represent a significant percentage of total expenditures. But unlike other business costs, document expenses are often difficult to identify. Usage patterns, total output volume, per page cost, accurate chargebacks, system downtime, IT support, even inefficient structuring of printers and other equipment—each of these factors contributes significantly to document management costs, yet most businesses lack the resources necessary to determine an efficient solution.

DOCutivity can do just that. A simple analysis of your organization’s IT structure and specific business requirements will uncover hidden costs and identify opportunities for further cost reduction. Using the DOCutivity assessment process, we will customize a solution for your business that will:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership, often dramatically
  • Improved quality and streamlined processes; and
  • Increased productivity, both of assets and staff

Start on the road to productivity today by completing our DOCutivity analysis. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to open and complete this form.)  A DOCutivity specialist will contact you shortly to discuss our recommendations.